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Advocacy & Awareness: spreading the word about the EMERGE Lab

We care for women. Whether they're our girlfriends, wives, partners, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, friends, or even strangers who identify as women...we care that they do not get mistreated or treated in ways that aren't equitable. We won't stand for that. 

Sexual and reproductive health are NOT just women's issues. BOTH men and women benefit when men become more aware of their own sexual and reproductive health issues and how they impact those of women.

In our experience, these are easy messages for men to get behind. The only difficult part is making them look at and listen to the message. That's where you come in. The following are some helpful resources for spreading the word about the EMERGE Lab.

Visibility: Sticker Campaign

We created these provocative stickers for members to distribute to get people's attention about the EMERGE Lab and our work.

HYPRFRTL is a contemporary, perhaps more masculine, 
depiction of an issue that affects more than a third of reproductive age men--unplanned pregnancy. It's real. Men experience it and are affected by it in ways that shouldn't be underestimated.

The geometric SEAHORSE is the modern man taking up greater reproductive responsibility via his involvement in pregnancy.

EMERGE Lab Sticker (Square HYPRFRTL).jpg
EMERGE Lab Sticker (Square SEAHORSE).jpg

We're incredibly proud of the work of our members and we want people at all levels to see our work to learn about and adopt the philosophies we care about. That's why we make every effort to attend scholarly conferences across the globe.

Below are templates and logos to be used for the purposes of desiging posters and presentations pertinent to the EMERGE Lab's work. 

Seahorse 1.1 (Clean Black).png
Academic Presentations
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