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Our Partners

The Center for Male Contraceptive Research & Development

The EMERGE Lab assists in the development of multimedia and awareness campaigns to support research in male contraception. Projects out of our lab help to answer the question of who would use male contraception. The Center provides expert consultation on male contraception and opportunities to interact with trial participants. 

The University of Southern California, Preventive Medicine

Dr. Brian T. Nguyen welcomes students from USC Preventive Medicine to work with the EMERGE Lab as part of their graduate-level practicum experiences. Graduate students are invited to apply skills learned in their coursework to further the EMERGE Lab's mission of expanding male engagement in a wide range of reproductive health-related topics. 

Healthy African American Families, II (Los Angeles, CA)

Some of the philosophies of the EMERGE Lab are inspired by the tireless efforts of the leaders of HAAF, a non-profit, community-serving agency aimed at improving the health of racial minorities throughout Los Angeles, CA through advocacy and partnership in research with academia. HAAF provides the EMERGE Lab with consultation to ensure cultural awareness, sensitivity, and social progress.



An OB/GYN's job is always going to be a dirty one, but it doesn't need to look that way. Medelita helps USC Family Planning look clean in the clinic, but even more importantly, when we're advocating for women's health issues and reproductive equity at the state level, and sometimes even at the nation's capitol. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. 

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