Human reproduction is NOT just a "woman's issue." It is an essential issue for all individuals that impacts not only the health of women, but that of couples, as well as the communities that support them. The EMERGE Lab represents Dr. Brian T. Nguyen's research and advocacy, aimed at: "Expanding Male Engagement in Reproductive and Gender Equity." Through research, policy review, and community-centered projects, The EMERGE Lab creates gender equity through showing men the active role they can play in reproductive health and the strength they bring through sensitivity and reproductive responsibility.  

to EMERGE requires men to embrace their vulnerability.

to EMERGE requires conversations about our reproductive responsibility.

Men's Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues

Male Contraception:

Condoms & Withdrawal

Male Contraception:

Vasectomy Access & Uptake

Male Contraception:

Novel Methods & Clinical Trials

Family Planning:

Emergency contraception &
education on female methods

Family Planning:
Unplanned Pregnancy & Abortion

Family Planning:

Abortion & Paternity Politics

Fertility & Pregnancy Loss:

Male partner factors

Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Testing, Treatment, &
Expedited Partner Therapy

HPV-Related Cancer:

Screening & Vaccination for Men


Paternity & Postpartum Depression

Sexual (dys)function &
intimate partner violence

Gender & Masculinity:

Effects on Women & OB/GYNs

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Brian T. Nguyen, MD MSc

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Assistant Program Director for Family Planning

Keck School of Medicine of USC

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