PDPT for Patients

What is PDPT?

  • Stands for patient delivered partner therapy (PDPT)

  • PDPT allows patients who have been diagnosed with a STI to receive treatment for their partner(s) without seeing a health provider

  • A PDPT package might also include informational materials and clinical referrals for your partner


Where can I get PDPT?

PDPT is currently offered in LA county for patients diagnosed with chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomonas. Healthcare providers who suspect that their patient may have one of these STIs may offer PDPT as well.


Should my partner still see a healthcare provider?

While PDPT allows your partner to get treated without having to see a healthcare provider, we still encourage your partner to seek medical care and get tested.


Who should receive PDPT treatment?

  • You should request PDPT for all sexual partners within 60 days of your diagnosis. If you haven’t had any partners within 60 days, your most recent partner(s) should be treated.

  • All partners should be treated whether or not they have symptoms.

  • All partners, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, are eligible to receive treatment.

  • Your partner should be able to read and understand written instructions (available in different languages).

  • PDPT is NOT appropriate if you feel unsafe disclosing your diagnosis and offering treatment to your partner. Please let your healthcare provider know if you are in such a situation.


Is PDPT safe?

Several clinical studies have shown that PDPT is safe and there have been no reported incidences of  adverse reactions to PDPT medications. Please ask your healthcare provider if you have any concerns or if your partner reacts badly to medication.


Can my partner receive PDPT if they are pregnant?

Your partner may still be eligible even if they are pregnant. Please let your healthcare provider know as some medications may not be appropriate. We encourage your partner to seek prenatal care. Pregnant partners who are offered PDPT will need to see a healthcare provider to get a test of cure after 3 weeks for chlamydia and be retested every 3 months.


What if I feel uncomfortable informing my partner of my diagnosis?

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